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Summary of 1st Timothy 4 -6

Summary of 1st Timothy 4 -6

Oct 11, 2019


Summary Points From 1stTimothy Chapters 4 Through 6

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  1. If you go to a church and you are seeing a lot of freemason symbols in your churches parking lot, don’t just leave that church, but run away as fast as you can
  2. We are at a time where people are departing the faith and attaching themselves to doctrines of demons that are not aligned with the Word of Elohim.  You prevent this from happening to yourself by reading and knowing the Word
  3. Your doctrine must come from the Word. Do not add or take things away from it. Don’t force understandings & make up feelings about things that are not in line with scripture.
  4. When we are not growing in our faith it’s only because we are not exercising it. We are not living in our faith.  We are not working it out. We are not doing the right work that will produce maturity
  5. You should not be immature in your faith for a long period of time. If this is you, you must recognize that you have placed idols in your life that are in priority of the Father. Something has blocked you from gaining maturity in your faith. Be true in your reflection of this and fix this today.  You can’t truly say you love Him, and at the same time have neglected your relationship with Him for years and/or decades.  Don’t take that risk of Him rejecting you, because you rejected Him.
  6. Just because you are young does not mean that the Spirit is not moving in you. Don’t let your age hinder your ministry.  Don’t let people slow you down and reject you because of your age
  7. Always be an example through your conduct, walking in love, spirit, in faith, in purity.Because though they are not listening, they are watching.
  8. We must show respect for our elders and all of those who we call brother and sisters.This does not mean that elders in age cannot learn from you, but you should not address them as a child. Proper respect is needed at all times, even if they are on the wrong side of certain doctrinal points.
  9. What you should take away from Chapter 5 in reference to widows are that men and women of the church should take care of their widowed mothers and fathers and step in for those that have no one to take care of them. Today, we let the government step in more than the church should and now people today are looking for the government to fill these gaps more than the church
  10. The problem people have when believing that the Bible condones slavery is because of placing modern context to ancient situations. Slavery in the first century was quite different from slavery in early American history.
  11. Every action in our walk should be made in thought of how others may perceive it. We always need to ask ourselves will these actions bring people closer to Elohim or further away. When we exchange the gospel for a social agenda, we contaminate our mission
  12. Verses 3 -5 gives us simple instruction that we all should heed to. All those who teach other doctrines, who twist Yahshua’s words and misrepresents them, understand that these people are proud and really know nothing. They rather have disputes, fight and cause problems. You should withdraw from them.
  13. We should always try to correct false teaching and false doctrine, but we should not engage in disputes over it
  14. Being satisfied and content with what you have brings great gain in our faith. Many that have big eyes that continue to desire more and more possessions often get trapped by satan. Be careful with your desires
  15. It’s not money that is the root of all kinds of evil. It’s your love of money that is the root. Guard your heart because society today has taught us this love of money from the beginning of most of our lives. It teaches us to love money and work hard to go out and get it. Once this mindset has been implanted into us, we often get ourselves mixed in with all kinds of evil temptations
  16. All the things that bring us into sin we should flee from. If you want to have a better relationship with YHWH pursue righteousness, pursue godliness, have more faith, walk more in love, patience, gentleness, all the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5). You must fight the good fight of faith
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  1. Abigail Staples /

    I agree with everything said, please keep the truth coming

  2. Charles Duncan /

    Thank you so much for your sharing the word. Please enable the button to click on to download. God bless you!

  3. LeighYah Ullery /

    Thank you for listening to the Most High as you share the word so beautifully. Your time and energy is appreciated to you and yours always. With love sister. halleluYAH!!!

  4. Jeff Mathe /

    Number 4 is powerful. It touches me. Lord help me grow!

  5. Castro Adu Boamah /

    Hello brother in Christ
    I have learnt a lot from your teachings and really appreciate your time and efforts put in place to make this possible. We also appreciate the efforts of your wife who is also contributing to this ministry. Many Yashua continue to increase your spiritual strength and wisdom and understanding of His word.
    We really love you and will remember you in our prayers.

  6. Ruban Karki /

    It is good to know the truth in detail, appreciated by your wonderful summary, God bless you and keep all your ministerial works

  7. Rhonda /

    I have learned a lot from your teaching. Keep spreading the gospel and knowledge wisdom and understanding thank you brother.

  8. Tanesiha H Johnson /

    Appreciate the teachings keep sounding the alarm! you are making a difference in the lives of so many people.

  9. LeoChandler /

    You asked in one of your videos ” which Jesus do you serve?” Made me think this antichrist may not manifest as a physical being but is possibly the one the people worship in the church today and bow down is the true Antichrist

  10. phyllis J Black /

    Dear Brother, thank you for the study notes! This is great that you are doing this for us. God Bless you.

  11. Tracey Stivala /

    Brother you have been given a great gift of teaching from our Holy Father and I pray He continues using and blessing you. Thank you for all your hard work.

  12. Anthony /

    I am really amazed by your teaching. I hope to chat with you soon!……

  13. Edward Bolduc /

    Number 3 is a big one I mean the yrinty doctrine adds so much terminology that is not in the book like God the son. Or God the holy ghost. How about triune God. I do not find this stuff anywhere in the book

  14. cynthia adams /

    You are so right on I Timothy i had a hardtime just dealing with people in the church i was watching what they were doing instead of just showing them the love of God! I not perfect but striving to be like Christ! God bless you for bringing that out!

  15. Kennedy Bunga /

    Thank you for your efforts in uncovering the truth about Christianity.

  16. Jasreen /

    I agree with you 100%, l have been fellow you for a while now, and I have watched l think all of your post.
    But I myself will like to speak with you one a one to one bases if it is possible..

  17. Mucina /

    We must strive to fight the good fight of faith and keep reading the word.
    Thank you.

  18. If all you say is true what about Buddhism and all the other religions ? There are people looking for God in these religions . I wondered and pondered about the bible concluded there is a matrix perhaps, not exactly like the one you portray.
    God is everywhere and exists everywhere love conquers all . The shadows of evil cannot exist in the light of truth.
    Pray for the truth ,read the bible . Do not draw conclusions from your own understanding . It is only a hallway of more illusion. Knock on the door she (wisdom ) will answer you.
    Take care J

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