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A Christian Democrat?….That’s an Oxymoron

A Christian Democrat?….That’s an Oxymoron

Jul 27, 2016

A Christian Democrat? That’s an oxymoron. Most people may take this wrong and view this as judgement, but the truth is you can’t be a Christian and a Democrat. Apparently most of the American church today hasn’t got the memo. Now normally on my site I do not speak about politics, but seeming how this world is being directed & steered by the mainstream media in the most extreme ways, whether it’s by radio, television, our favorite Hollywood stars, etc… I need to provide a biblical perspective to an ever-growing biblically silent world.
Now let me be clear. Just because this article is speaking against the Democratic agenda does not mean that I am pro Republican.

I am not a Donald Trump supporter!!

nor any mainstream Republican candidate. I am however conservative. “Conservative”simply meaning that I believe in very limited government involvement in our lives. I have very conservative views about social agendas like gay marriage, abortion, and other things of that nature. But I am not a Donald Trump supporter or of any other Republican candidate over the last 20 to 30 years at minimum.

The problem today is that there are many that feel because they are not apart of the Republican Party, especially due to the racist or discriminatory comments that have been made in the past by presidential candidates like Donald Trump, and news reporters like Bill O’Reilly, or well-known politicians like Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, they need to automatically align themselves with the Democrats. It’s an either-or type of situation.

This Democratic Party that makes claims to be inclusive of all races, genders, & sexual orientations. They do not discriminate against anyone. So now the stereotypical view is basically that the Republican Party is a racist, discriminating party only for the people at the top, so the people at the bottom must vote Democrat to stop them.

The crazy thing is besides holding that view, most people voting Democrat today can’t really tell you why they are Democrats. How many people do you actually know that believe that they need as much government involvement in their live’s as possible? It’s especially crazy that “Christians”, who believe in their Bible and the surrender of their lives to Jesus Christ, can claim that they are Democrats. I’m writing this to illustrate some points that maybe most “Christian Democrats” have overlooked.

The first part to examine is that the Democratic Party is considered the Liberal party. This should not be a shocker to anyone. However, how many people actually really think of what the word “liberal” truly means though?

Here’s the definition of liberal according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Liberal =  not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted

This is the first and should be most obvious point. How can we be Christians and not be opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that was not traditionally or widely accepted? For example, now accepting gay marriage or abortion. Just go back to the Word of God, when Jesus tells us that we are to walk the narrow path (Matthew 7:13-14). Or when the Apostle Paul tells us not to conform with patterns of this world (Romans 12:2). The Bible never tells us that our values and our moral should ever change. The Lord never tells us to move our values with the changing world. He never has said in His Word that love means changing our views or accept things to be more in agreement with a changing world.

He actually says that if we love Him, then we will keep His commandments (John 14:15) . So how can we be Christians and be willing to change our traditional values that the Lord has set? It doesn’t make sense! So being that the Democratic Party is the Liberal party changing values as the world changes, it is obvious that it is an oxymoron to even consider yourself both a Democrat and a Christian. Your either one or the other.

Just take into consideration the Democratic Party’s platform on gay rights and abortion. They are on the complete opposite spectrum that God is on with these values. It was God that gave us these values in the first place. It is the Democratic Party that is telling us to forsake what God wants and move more with what the world wants.

This is the liberal agenda meaning our values have changed. The point is that God never changes and because God never changes, a Christian and their values should never change as well.

So if you are a part of the party that changes with the tide or the sway of the world and believe you are Christian, ask yourself “what part of Christianity condones this?”  

Now like I said earlier, I know that some people might perceive this as judgment upon them. This article is not to judge anyone, but just to awaken people because we all have been deceived by this world system in one way or another.

Now the Democratic Party does speak about things that affects us personally such as racial issues and income inequality. I get it, but just because they represent these views that their counterpart does not, doesn’t mean that they should totally win and earn your vote.

So what’s my solution, right? The truth is we should not depend on any of these political parties for change that we are looking for. As Christians the Lord has given us His word and prophecy of what this world will end up looking like. We will only be free from injustice when our Savior returns. Not because of a rigged political system electing leaders that promise to bring about the change.

When we are dependent upon our world leaders, we separate ourselves from what the Lord truly says about where our change will come from. We really show our lack of either discernment or trust in the Lord because he has told us clearly where this world is headed towards and who this world is guided by. By following these politicians and their politics, we actually have pushed aside the truth, purpose, and promises of the Lord. All because we have chosen political parties that talk about SOME of the issues that we care about, but do not represent all of our values. There are certain mismatches.

Supporting these political parties despite having these mismatches, makes us compromise on values that the Lord has spoken and commanded us to have. The most ironic part is we are focusing on an equality that the Lord never promised us. We’re striving for a peaceful world that the Lord never told us would come without Him.

The last point is that many will argue that by not voting and participating in this election, we just abandon ourselves from affecting change and our voices being heard. By not voting we take for granted the sacrifice our ancestors fought for during the Civil Rights era. The simple response to that argument as a Christian it shouldn’t matter because we’re dependent on the Lord, not man. Remember that the Lord told us not to be of this world (Roman’s 12:2) and to render what is Caesar’s to Caesar (Matthew 22:21). Simply put the only thing we can do is pray and put our full faith and trust in the Lord. Spread His word and prepare the world for His Second coming.

Abandon the political dysfunction between both parties, Democrat and Republican. This is why I am an independent. I don’t sway for either party. The leaders of both parties all work towards the goal of your enemy if you’re Christian (1 John 5:19). If you read the Word it’ll tell you so. Don’t be swayed by political points about race and discrimination so much so that you are compromising your true beliefs in God and His word. Do not be liberal and do not be associated with a party that is liberal.

Really evaluate how wrong it could be you voting for candidates that openly support the issues that are clearly against the Lord’s will. Just so you can hope for racial equality that was never promised to us by the Lord. Are you following God’s plan, your plan, the world’s plan, or some type of mixture of all 3. Please make sure it’s God’s plan and if you have voted with the Democratic Party just simply repent of it and ask God for forgiveness. Ask him to open your eyes and provide you more discernment. Read your Bible and His prophecy about the last days. Do not be moved by the world so much that you are moved away from God.

Remember being a Christian Democrat is an Oxymoron. Share this with your Christian family and friends, your pastor and your church. Get the conversation started. God Bless!

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  1. Tonie Mann /

    Thank you so much for saying this. This is my sentiments as well. Many won’t get this because, like you say, they just go with the flow and are easily swayed. No true Christian should align themselves with any party that passes laws and legislation that go against the ways of God.

  2. Hi,

    You said liberalism is against god and so is being a Democrat. I support public healthcare and believe that the government should be spending more money on health care and education and less money on the military I also believe that climate change is a huge issue and humans are responsible for it. Am I automatically going against God just because I have those beliefs? What is your opinion on global healthcare and do you think it should be a right? And when you say Christians should not be a Democrats, are you referring to social views or all democratic views.

    • I’m saying the social views are intertwined with the democratic platform. No I do not believe the government and especially not global governments should be involved with my health. The amount of control you give away is ridiculous. If we lived in a perfect world then I would feel differently but government officials who have sold out to the biggest bank accounts or satanic agendas should not be in control of my health. Climate change is also a made up issue. It has no biblical standing and will only be used as a way of taxing the world

      • what is your opinion on the government spending a tremendous amount of money on the military? Do you believe they should be spending more money on that then healthcare? I am just curious.

        • I don’t think in our fiscal position the government should be spending a great deal on anything. I think for long term security they should make sure our economic position is in tact rather than focus on other things they won’t be able to maintain once an economic correction/collapse happens

          • do you believe health care is a right or a luxury/commodity? I personally believe health care is a right.

      • Chris GVD /

        There are clear factual evidence that global warming is happening. Wouldn’t our actions (increased gas emission to the atmosphere) have any consequences?

        I agreed with the text, I always felt like the left side deviates from God, but right side lacks compassion, so I’m neither also.

        • Just like in the article , be an independent. About global warming, if you are christian two things must be understood.
          1. Just like in Noah’s times the earth was corrupted.
          2. A christian should not be afraid of global warming.
          Instead it is a sign of his coming
          3. God will provide according to our needs. Jesus said that if the sparrows and animals are provided for by God , why won’t provide for us in times of need

  3. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” [Matthew 22:21]

    There is a separation of church and state in America, and for good reason. I will only say that I consider it the height of arrogance to make a statement such as yours that you can’t be a Christian and also a part of the Democratic Party. Firstly, as quoted above, you’re mixing apples and oranges. It’s our duty and responsibility as Americans to take part in the political process if only to avoid a dictatorship or fascism that can result in the genocide of millions of minorities, as happened in Germany. Secondly, by your standards Jesus himself is condemned because he dined and consorted with sinners of all types and received criticism by the leaders of the church of his day…similar to what you’re doing now.

    Frankly, I take the opposite view. I can’t understand how Republican Christians can condone the pollution of our environment, pandering to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, systemmatic dismantling of regulations put in place to avoid another economic disaster, and the list goes on. Lastly, I don’t accept your ‘side-stepping’ by saying on the other side of your mouth that you don’t support Trump! Now come on man, you can’t be serious! How convenient that you linger in limbo and criticize those of us who have the guts to make a choice between the two major American parties! How Christian is it that our Republican president brags about ‘grabbing women by the (you know what)? How Christian is it that our Republican president separates young children from their parents and transports these young children to all corners of. the U.S. to be taken care of in foster homes? I can go on and mention Charlottesville, pandering to Russia, incitement to violence against minorities, influence of the NRA, etc., etc.

    Gay rights and abortion…those are the two major issues that Republican Christians care about and have made a deal with Trump, the devil himself as a result, to get their way. Tell me I’m wrong!

    So let’s keep church and state separate, as our founding fathers intended and as Jesus advised. And let good Americans choose their party, which is their right…without condemnation from religious leaders like yourself.

    • Kim Yoder /

      Dear Efrain, Are your comments evidence of the success of indoctrination by the repeating of lies often enough that they are accepted as truth? Separation of church and state as it is used often to remove Christianity from our schools, government and society in general is Not part of the Constitution or any of the founding documents. I do not want this to be too long, I therefore encourage you to read the truth based books, DVDs etc. of David Barton and William Federer. You can also watch William Federer on Faith in History on your computer or on TCT program”Faith in History”. One fact is that a main reason for starting schools in the newly founded America was to teach the people to be able to read the Bible, which was used in our schools.
      In addition, please look into the inconvenient truth of Al Gores documents. It has been proven that it is full of lies. There is not scientific consensus about the extent of man’s part in climate change and the accuracy of data that has been submitted as fact. Remember the scare tactics that there was going to be another Ice Age? I do and it never happened as was predicted by so called scientists and money grabbing politicians. In depth research by you is recommended. It is hard to do, because of the overwhelming liberal democrat promoting main stream media and the corruption of the political, educational elites (bogus experts), and liberal billionaire elites that are behind promoting one world government and one world religion. Also, the Catholic Church is a big part of promoting the lies of social justice, global warming, climate change, etc. Look into volcano eruptions around the world and how much goes into the atmosphere from one eruption. The elites can use unsubstantiated (false data) for scare tactics to make you believe that by spending trillions of dollars in which they are lining their pockets and their friends pockets, while taking money away from the average person.

      I could write in length, being a RN in the early 70’s and witnessing how health care has been systematically destroyed BY government, lawyers, and insurance. Insurance made so there is no competition and allows the unsubstantiated raise in prices of services. MAIN point on everything: What does the government do efficiently or effectively? Nothing. That is why our founding fathers NEVER intended the government to be involved in anything but keeping America safe. True history will tell you that protection from muslims was a major concern in trying to trade with other countries and was the reason for starting the navy. America was paying so much in ransoms due to muslim pirates etc. etc
      Socialism, which includes government healthcare and the many things that you want the government to take care of, which every program you give the government is you giving up your freedom and mine and the future of my grandchildren. Socialism is not biblical. We are to be dependent on God not government. The Bible is all about personal responsibility and personally choosing to care for and love people. It is NOT governmental.Socialism produces corruption, dictators, poverty, genocide, torture, and death. There is much proof in history on socialism communism, Marxism, which are all linked and lead to the same.
      As far as criticizing president Trump, he was not my first, second or third choice, however, i could not vote for evil promoting, career criminal, long history of scandals, murder supporting, destroyer of women who her husband had abused, and very possibly murderous Hillary and Bill Clinton. She was for late term abortions, every anti-biblical policy out there. In addition, she picked as a running mate another evil promoting man.
      In addition, after prayer, God brought to mind Cyrus of the Bible and the fact that Trump picked Mike Pence as his running mate made a huge difference. I was trusting God and praying that Trump would continue to surround himself with Christians who would be a positive influence on him as Daniel was for Cyrus.
      Sorry that I do not have time to review this as I should. I could write a short book in response to your statement. ( I also disagree with the statement that Trump is racist as stated in the article.More proof that he isn’t than that he is. It is time to focus of the fact that we are all One Blood. We are all related and had the first parents from the beginning. Stop the racist narrative that continues division and has been used by satan long enough. If we would focus on the truth in God’s word about race, what a difference would that make? There is no perfect president, but I have seen positive changes in Trump, and believe that God is working in his heart. The fact that he has stood behind Israel as no other president is also evidence of God using him to fulfill prophecy. We are responsible to vote and choose the best leader according to biblical principles as we can. We must always ask ourselves which leader, which party stands for the God of the Bible and His word? I agree that the democrat party has become the party of promoting the dark kingdom. This is easily proven by looking at the voting records and the bills proposed by both parties. The Republican party is far from perfect and is deteriorating due to compromising, but I agree with the article that you cannot be a true believer and follower of the truth in God’s word, and Jesus Christ and vote democrat.

    • Perfectly said. I agree with a lot of the things Ron Charles said. I’m surprised he went out and wrote such an incorrect and one-sided article. However, no one is perfect.

      • Dear Efrain,

        Perfectly said. I agree with a lot of the things Ron Charles said. I’m surprised he went out and wrote such an incorrect and one-sided article. However, no one is perfect.

  4. Let me remind that although you state you do not support Donald Trump, he IS an outsider. He is not the smooth, lying talking politician that we are all so sick of hearing. He is a true patriot and an American. He promised and delivered on the things he said he would do before being elected. The reason why the media hates him is because the Illuminati wants him removed. Anyone who says Donald Trump is a racist or hates women etc., truly does not understand anything. It is the same people who believe in the fake news media who are really an extension of the left wing propaganda. The democrat platform is completely anti Christian with their support for homosexuality, planned parenthood, abortions, and the continuing assault in the removal of our Christian heritage. Donald Trump does not want the country to be invaded by mass amounts of people who have nothing in common with our Christian culture and who do not contribute to the economy. This does not make him racist. The USA is already full of its own homeless people. It is insane to allow more people into the country that is already suffering economically. US veterans and thousands of people are sleeping on the streets and there is no money for them but we should bring in more refugees? Anyone who does not understand this, is simply very stupid. NO other country allows mass amounts of people straight into their country. Why should USA be any different? Donald Trump supports Christian values and says the Lords prayer. He says Merry Christmas and boycotts companies that use Happy Holidays on their store front. Donald Trump is backed by the Christian community. We should support him with all of our might because if the crooked left wins this race, this country is finished. In no means is Donald Trump the saviour of the world, only that title belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. But Donald Trump is our president and as Christians, we should support him and understand the difference between the anti Christian platform from the democrats to the Christian pro life, pro Christian values.

    In final, FOX news is the last true source for real journalism. All other news media are FAKE. We are in the last days and Donald Trump will very much likely be the last elected president we will ever see. Civil war is upon us. Jesus come quickly and may God help us all.

    • Your level of deception is no worse than those deceived by Barack Obama and the Democrats

      • James, your response is without any explanation. I took the time to explain my stance by giving you facts. Please elaborate.
        BTW Obama is not a Christian. Trump is.

        • Glen O Barbour /

          What make you believe that Trump is a Christian? He is not. He doesn’t know Jesus as Lord. He is a liar and a blasphemer, adulterer and going to bust hell wide open. Someone that doesn’t pray nor read the Bible and has not repented of his sin is not a christian. PERIOD!

          • Seann /

            You seem to be very judgmental of the POTUS… and your accusations are not warranted. You have no right to say that Donald Trump will go to hell. Only God knows the heart of this man. We all are sinners and none of us are worthy to be saved. Im not saying President Donald Trump is perfect, but he has demonstrated that he values Christian principles. He is the only president that I have EVER seen that brings prayer to his rallies and celebrates the real meaning of Christmas. Every year at the National Prayer Breakfast, which is a massive ecumenical gathering put on by Christians, Donald Trump delivers a God and country infused speech… something Obama NEVER did! Christian evangelicals are strong supporters of the Trump administration and for good reason. Trump also highlights the Islamic States’s torture of Christians and Jews, which again, was never mentioned by Obama. President Trump is also against abortion… something that the Democrats have been fiercely fighting for. Donald Trump has nominated Christian minded judicial judges who adhere to the constitution… He has created over 4 million jobs since his election, African-American, Hispanic and Asian American unemployment rates have all reached record lows, he moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem…Donald Trump may not be a man of God… he is a business man and now immersed in politics. But I believe that God is using Trump for these final days and he demonstrates by his actions that he is pro Christian and pro American. He puts the American people first. The job of the president is to govern a nation and to put its citizens first… and he is doing that. He is not called to be a preacher. Anyone who comes out and makes horrible statements as yours about the president is ridiculous. Your words sound just like the media which has lost its path of true journalism… and a lot of what they spew is propaganda and lies to fit their own narrative. If you think Donald Trump is a bad person, I urge you to take a look at the Democratic platform and you tell me how “Christian” their views are compared to what Mr Trump has accomplished in two short years. Donald Trump is not perfect and neither is anyone else. Jesus died for him as he did for you and me and everyone else. You should pray for our president as it states in our Bible 1Timothy 2:1-3 to pray for our leaders… not condemn them. May God bless and protect our President of the United States, Amen!

          • Edward Bolduc /


        • Btw the whole point of this article is to tell you to not be much into politics and believe that god will provide for all our needs.

  5. Your statement regarding my being deceived by Donald Trump is unwarranted Mr Charles. I totally get the message you are sending and I really do agree with everything your site contains. God bless you. I am a Christian and I clearly see the deceptive time we are living in. But I take a different view from you regarding President Donald Trump. I watched your videos on Donald Trump where you depict him as a non Christian and equate him with Obama. This is not right. I have seen countless videos on both presidents. I have seen Obama make statements that spoke against our Holy Bible… where in fact he would quote the Koran in his briefings. I have seen Obama criticize the Holy Bible on several occasions and one in particular ridiculing God of the Old Testament regarding punishment for sin. He would mock the Holy Bible and ask how could a “loving God” permit such things to take place. I was in shock when I heard this. I have seen countless of videos of Obama making anti Christian statements.

    Now in comparison, I am not saying Donald Trump is the Mother Teresa either. But there is a huge difference. Before I begin, I must say that I completely agree with your videos where you mention no president has more power than the those at the top of the triangle. They all are puppets of the illuminati. And yes, our votes don’t count because presidents are selected and placed to give the illusion to the people that we live in a democracy. This was however changed when Trump won the presidency in 2016. The fake and crooked Hillary camp on the left really planned on winning that election by spending 1.2 billion dollars on the campaign. There is so much corruption to report regarding the FBI and their plot to bring down president Trump, but for the sake of keeping this short, I will leave it at that. Do your research and see the swamp that Trump often talks about.

    Donald Trump is NOT a mason. He is an outsider. He has shocked the establishment when the silent majority just barely voted him in. They were not expecting this to happen.
    Trump successfully brought back over 400, 000 manufacturing jobs back to America, he has lowered the unemployment rate at an all time low. Destroyed ISIS. Got rid of MS13. North Korea is face down. Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court… both Christian defenders. Trump passed a bill to allow federal money to pay to rebuild Christian churches. Trump’s steps included not just reinstating, but expanding, a policy first adopted by GOP presidents in 1984 to prohibit U.S. aid from supporting international groups that promote abortion. He is a defender of pro life. Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and repaired the damage Obama did to the US/Israel relationship. He issued an order enforcing first amendment protecting Christian liberty.Cracked down on sex trafficking. President Trump signed a law allowing states to move against sex-ad Internet sites, and the Justice Department and shut down, which carried ads for prostitution, including trafficked children.
    This just scratches the surface… there is so much more I can go on but the point is that Trump differs from Obama. God has used Donald Trump in these last days. It is a blessing that Donald Trump won the presidency because if Hillary had won, we would not have uncovered the corruptness of the FBI and everything else that we hear that is going on. I have seen pastors pray with Donald Trump.

    You show an old clip in your video where Trump answers a reporters question whether he prays or not… and he responded that he does not… but people do change and I believe Trump since then has changed. Ive seen him recite the Lords Prayer…something Obama never did. He talks about restoring Christian values back to the United States. This is wonderful. Although I agree with origins of Christmas coming from pagan roots, Donald Trump at least enforces the words Merry Christmas, regarding it more to a Christian holiday rather than a godless one. I give him credit for that.

    James, I would take your point to the fullest regarding all you say about presidents being placed by the deep state, IF another republican was voted in. Because I think Democrats and Republicans are all the same. They give the illusion of choice but there is none. You are correct in everything you teach about deception of democracy and who really is in power. Donald Trump is an exception to this. His speeches, although not smooth like a lying politician, are all taken out of context, over dramatized and embellished. He is often misquoted by the fake media of the left. They hate him because Trump is not part of the establishment. I fail to see your position of President Donald Trump. I am also not deceived because I do not believe in the media or believe what they say. I do my own research but more importantly, I believe and accept the Holy Bible as the final word. I will however state that I do listen to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on FOX NEWS. Their approach is different from all other media channels. They also defend Christian rights as I hear them say so. You cannot expect the president to talk like a pastor… although I will admit Mike Pence may resemble closer to that. He is a Christian and has the support of the Christian community. The majority of Christians voted for Trump. This is important to note and we should be praying for Donald Trump as he is in an extremely difficult position dealing with a lot of problems today. Its not an easy job.

    But make no mistake about it, Donald Trump far pales in comparison to Obama. He has done far more for Christians than Barak Obama. Obama has actually done nothing for Christians. Our bibles teach that we should pray for our leaders… and we should pray for Donald Trump because he may very well be the last elected president in our lifetime.

    I Timothy 2:1-2 – I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

    I Peter 2:17 – Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.

  6. Edward Bolduc /

    WoW what a bunch of garbage I am a Christian and I believe that both parties are more wicked then we will ever know. God allowed Obama to be president just as much as he did the Trump. They are both part of the plan and both are wicked. although one party uses the word of God to mask there wickedness and deceive the christian people hmmm

  7. Seann /

    Well Edward… thats ok. You are entitled to your opinion. It would of been nice though if you gave examples regarding your comments. I don’t see how both parties are part of a same plan, as both Conservatives and Democrats views are deeply divided against each other…furthermore, I cannot see how someone (I’m not saying you) can claim to be a Christian and be a democrat at the same time.

    • Edward Bolduc /

      well Seann if you do not see how the republican party abuses our faith to gain power you have to open your eyes a little just follow the money. there is more in the bible on greed and oppressing the poor then there is on being gay. Sin is sin no matter what one you choose to justify. I don,t know how anyone can call themselves a christian and vote for trump. If I was to join a party it would probably be the democratic socialist party but I choose not to be either.

      • Seann /

        Hi Edward,
        I absolutely see your point, and to clarify, I actually really agree with the author of this post in that I don’t regard myself either as a member of any said party, as I do understand its all people pleasing tactics in order to get votes. Our political system is really dishonest and an illusion that makes people think they have a choice. They don’t. I really believe that when Donald Trump was elected, it was something that the elite were not counting on. I really believe that the majority of Americans wanted real change which is why Donald Trump was voted in.
        He spoke and said things that resonated with the majority of Americans. He has kept promises and I really respect him for that. Its very difficult to be a leader of a country and remember, Donald Trump was never a politician to begin with. He inherited a country with a $20 trillion debt!
        And he has done so much to bring the people back to work and he deserves credit for that.

        I like Donald Trump and I like what he says. I am not alone to think this. He has done A LOT since his election. I don’t want to get into the specifics but you can do a search and see for yourself exactly just how much he has accomplished. And my point Edward was that Donald Trump has done a lot for the Christian community. The Democratic platform is completely anti Christian! You said you would as a Christian prefer to join the democratic socialistic party… which is pro abortion, pro choice, pro mass immigration, pro homosexual agenda… I don’t get your reasoning there.
        I am a strong non-denominational Protestant Christian, non partisan, fully anticipating the return of Jesus Christ. And until that day comes, we will never accomplish peace and prosperity. Things in America are actually ok right now under Trump comparing to what is about to happen in the coming few years. After 2024 when Trumps presidency is ended, I shudder as to what is about to come. May Jesus come quickly.

  8. Edward Bolduc /

    Donald Trump is a wicked liar you and many others have been deceived. I pray for your soul.

    • Seann /

      I am most definitely not deceived…lol. Hillary fits more the description of the wicked liar.
      And again, you don’t offer any examples to your accusations.
      You don’t need to pray for my soul. I am already saved.

  9. I agree whole heartenly,we the people are screwed if we trust in the system,Jesus said satan was the god of this world,and we embrace him everyday

  10. I agree with what most of this article says, with the exception of Trump. I’m an independent as well and am not loyal to either party. When Trump first ran for president,I admit I thought it was rediculous. However, I found the opposite choice of Hilary Clinton detestable, because of the known corruption and trail of blood that follows the Clintons. During the election season of 2016, I prayed a lot for discernment and guidance on who to support. The more I saw if Hilary, the more I realized she needed to be stopped at all cost. Late term abortions, and wars with Russia and Korea, were really the main issues for me. Knowing Trump was a gamble, I prayed right before heading to the voting booth. If anything, I knew he would at least help the economy, being a businessman. Something that made this election different than any other (which always felt like it didn’t matter who won) was the fact that EVERYONE was against him, even his own party. The global elites were determined to smear his name, and I’m doing so it backfired. I’m pretty sure Trump was not suppose to win the election. Maybe Russia did help him win, but regardless of how, I think it was meant to be. I view him like a Nebuchadnezzar-type, full of himself. However, I watched many of his speeches, paying close attention to his manner and body language. For the first time, I saw a president who, despite his flaws, actually cares about the American people and wanted to do a good job. I saw sincerety, and I know my discernment is a gift from God, because it’s something I’ve continuously prayed for, and ad I have, people’s true character becomes revealed to me when I see them speak. Is he a narcissist? Full of pride? Yes absolutely. But he does care about the people of this country and also wants to leave a legacy. He has passed many laws that are in support of the Christian worldview. I don’t know if he actually is a Christian, but it’s possible he’s converted over his time in office. He’s taken many stances that no president has ever done, and he’s actually kept his promises! This I have never seen before from any politician in modern times. He certainly is not a racist, and definitely not the Antichrist. He is also not a saint or a savior. He is just a man, and we should all continue to pray for him as well as all of our leaders. I think Trump was placed to give us more time, to delay the agenda of the global elites (look up about agenda 21/2030). That’s just my perspective on things, in the end all the petty politics won’t matter. We will never have true justice until God returns. Take care and God bless.

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