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Action Steps For Getting Right With God

Action Steps For Getting Right With God

Mar 20, 2020

I made this video to speak to the many people that may feel that it is too late for them to come to God. The video is directed at those who have been struggling with sin and though you know you need to commit to God, you are being blocked from doing it fully. Maybe you feel you have sinned too much and not worthy of repentance, or maybe you are scared of looking soft or weak, or scared of losing many of your longtime friends that you know would not support you being a follower of Yahshua. Or maybe there’s something else, either way I’m making this video for you because I want you to understand that there will be a time when it’s too late for you, but right now is not that time and you are not alone.  I want you to understand that our Father is calling you right now and I hope in the end that you answer His call.


In the video, I provided steps that anyone seeking to have a better relationship with God should take. Here are some Action Steps For Getting Right With God! I have made it in a pdf for you as well so you can always refer back to it.  Be blessed! The time is now to get right with our Savior! I pray this helps!





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  1. Way e /

    I strongly believe that church is very important I believe that it is a requirement Paul created the church for a specific reason because it creates unity it creates togetherness that’s why he says forget not the Gathering of brethren we are to love one another we are to go to church and pray to God together I do not believe what you say say about church not being a requirement it is a requirement and if you read the Bible and you read Paul’s letters you would see see how important church is

    • Samson /

      R u talking about the useless denominations or the Church the body of Christ,,,if u r talking about the denominations read your Bible WELL AND OPEN YOUR EYES,,,,,THE CHURCH is not building where some lazy ppl go who don’t what to take personal responsibility and go before the Yeshua and the Father directly but what to hide behind a”pastor”

  2. Demetreus /

    Whew!! Didn’t getcha on Friday, thank YAHWEH you made the video today. Just goes to show you, they’re hungry folks out here looking to be fed.

  3. Daniel Ilias /

    Thank you

  4. Cesar Casarez /

    Thank You! And giving our circumstances on our current situation I believe that we need to come together and pray more then ever to our Father in Heaven YAHWEH ELOHIM, His Son YAHSHUA HA’MACHIACH Our Savior and The RUACH HAQODESH Our Protector. And now that I have more knowledge (thank you again) I will continue asking for forgiveness. Bless You My Brother.

  5. Thank you for being obedient and bold in the faith . Your light has changed our lives as a family . May Elohim bless and keep you and yours

  6. william taylor /

    Maybe whoever it is has not heard the gospel of the blood and the finished works of our lord Jesus Christ ..because churches and preachers don’t prophesi for cor. 15 1-4

  7. I would love to know when do you read Revelations?; seeing that it is present day truth

  8. Alison /

    Thank you!

  9. I moved to FL 8 years ago. Still looking for like minded believers. Haven’t found them in the local churches. The last one I tried started reading out of the message. I didn’t wait for the service to end, I got up and left. I don’t need to hear that.
    Any one in the Bunnell, FL area?

  10. Thanks for the guide and responding to my mail. God bless you

  11. Deng Mayom /

    Thank you so much. I was worrying because many signs appear this year, even here in South Sudan locusts appeared yesterday as it is written in the Book of 1 Chronicles 7:13

  12. Omobolade /

    I really thank Yahweh our Father and Yahshua our Lord and Savior for your life. My brother you have been a miraculous revelation of truth about Elohim and Yahshua to me and others. Keep it up and be blessed as God continued to use you for His purpose. Amen

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