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Sexual Immorality Strategies

Sexual Immorality Strategies

Jul 24, 2018

If you watched the 2-Part Video about Sexual Immorality we went in-depth about the problem of Sexual Immorality.  In the Part 1 I gave lessons that you need to know in order to deal with the problem of sexual immorality.  In Part 2, I gave strategies on how to overcome the problem of sexual immorality.  Here are the strategies from Part 2 for you to have and review later.  I hope this blesses you!


Strategy #1: You need Elohim’s help! You must include Him first!


Strategy #2: Keep rebuking the devil in the name of Yahshua. Engage in Spiritual Warfare


Strategy #3: You must remove yourself from sexual immoral content


Strategy #4: Either Delete Your Social Media or only use it to be filled or fill up others


Strategy #5: Don’t have sex


Strategy #6: Get Married


Strategy #7: Masturbating is not ok


Strategy #8: Change your company


Strategy #9: Don’t go places that feed your weak flesh


Strategy #10: Don’t Look at them as looking good, but as a trap

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  1. Theodore White /

    I want to be baptized. Please contact me.

  2. Theodore White /

    I want to be baptized Please contact me.

  3. Theodore White /

    I need to be baptized now contact me.

  4. Thank you very much for these videos I would to get a hold of you I struggle with this

  5. Hello brother thank for this message. May God bless you and give you more grace to more in His name. Please how can I privately contact you as I am battling with this temptation as well.

  6. Sivuyile /

    Good evening My brother in YAHSHUA i am in south Africa been following your channel since last year you’ve helped me out alot with your history of Religion series and signs and symbols series.

  7. Rossette /

    I i thank yahweh for putting your vid infront of my face..I too was headed down the new age religion path till i came across your vid while searching for spiritual guidance..thank you yahweh and thank you for opening eyes to the REAL I pray everyday for his guidance to the path off righteousness.

  8. Mark Ritchie /

    I think Yahweh for speaking thru u to people like me to understand better the word of elohim and state if the world today I have always believed in the father elohim but just recently had my eyes opened to all the things was doing wrong Yahweh has spoke to me thru many to get me change my ways but is always a struggle I believe Yahweh will bring me thru the fire untouched

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