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Preparation List for Coming World Collapse

Preparation List for Coming World Collapse

Jul 17, 2020

Here is the Preparation List that was discussed in the video “How to Prepare for the Coming World Collapse” You can download and save a copy below. Be blessed


You must be a believer in Yahshua.  There is no prepping and preparing without Him.  If you are a believer, than you should have no fear.  Just believe

-You must have a physical Bible.

-Prepping is not about saving money.  Don’t think about saving money for this situation.  Your money will not save you

-The safest place to be is in your homes. Do not leave them

-Don’t follow the crowds.  If you see people running one direction, run in a different one.  Don’t ever follow the crowd



(Remember Food Expires)

  • Water. You need lots and lots of water.  500 – 16.9 fl. Oz (1pt) water bottles per person. 12 cases of 40 bottles per person in your home
  • As many bottles of non-drinking water that you can store. I use 3-liter Zephyrhills jugs from Walmart.  I drink them and refill them with tap water
  • Ramen noodle packs
  • Canned meat:  canned tuna, chicken, and beef
  • Chef Boyardee cans
  • Canned vegetables
  • Quick 1-minute oatmeal
  • Buy foods that have some shelf life and won’t break the bank
  • Large bags of sugar, flour, and rice (These items expire pretty fast, so be mindful of this)
  • Buy pasta and canned or jarred sauce


  • Butane stove and the butane fuel cartridges
  • Kerosene lamps and kerosene oil
  • Lots of wicks
  • Candles
  • Toilet paper (buy as much as you can store)
  • Bleach
  • First aid kits.  Buy the first aid kits and then whatever that comes in the kit, buy it all separately as well
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwashing soap
  • A manual can opener
  • Bars of body soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Matches and lighters
  • Garbage bags
  • Tylenol
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • A weather radio
  • Any feminine products you need
  • Medical masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Board games and cards things you can play with your family
  • Print out all important photos that you may have stored on your phone and computer

Emergency Preparation List 1


World Collapse Preparation List Pg 2

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  1. Tony Spencer /

    Awesome content.
    Thanks for getting this information out there.

    • I am truly delighted to read the life changing experiences of you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise God, the Holy Spirit has not yet withdrawn from the earth. God is still calling his children out of
      Babylon. Oh, what a joy to live for Christ, there is hope in the Lord. Be confident, hopeful, resilient and strong, resolute in your conviction, pray asking God to rid you of fear. Our test is coming, all that live Godly will suffer persecution. Under no circumstance should you deny Christ, hold fast even at the expense of your life. Endure to the very end and be reminded that you are never alone. Says Christ,”I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world”. Blessings

  2. Angela martin /

    Hi and Thankyou, Yes I am a believer in God and I also believe that this will take place. Do you have any idea when this will take place? None of us probably do but we need to be prepared.

  3. Aaron Hutchinson /

    Thank you. I’ve come across your page 10 days or less now. I’ve watched over 20 videos. You are a blessing. Thank you

  4. Denise Bazan /

    Love your videos and watch them every week, thank YHWH, you, and your family for making them.
    I have done some preperation and have for many years now and thought I might share what I have learned and what has worked (for me anyways) when it comes to things like sugar, flour, rice, dry beans, coffee, and oatmeal.
    I invested in a food saver machine (depending on what model about $88-$200)…I can portion off what I may need (like to make bread 4 1/2 – 5 cups) (same with oatmeal, cake mixes, ect) and vaccum seal and put them in 5 gallon air tight buckets by Commander or Craftsman (you can purchase them from Lowes or Home Depot for anywhere between $5-$7)…this will extend the life of flour, sugar, rice, dry beans, and oatmeal (not instant but rolled/steel cut) by 2 years and coffee up to 1 year. and they stack on one another and save space, air tight to keep water or bugs from getting inside.
    You can also vaccum seal cereal and pasta and can extend the life up to another year.
    I know most have their own method and have to figure things based upon their space. I can get 30lbs of rice (vaccumed into 2cup portions) in one 5gal bucket just as an example.

    Hope this helps…Hugs and Blessings!

    • Bettina /

      Thank you so much for the information that you have shared. I have been thinking about getting the food saver machine and doing exactly what you have done. It has confirmed what the Lord has said to me. Thank you so much!

  5. Mike /

    I do not believe in preparation. Food and what to wear are what pagans worry about. That is what Yeshua said. Take no thought in this for your father in heaven knows you have need of these things. Besides what are we going to do store 7 years of food an water come on. We all my be homeless before that happens. Then we could be spreading the good news on the street. YHWH bless us all.

    • Yvonne /

      Hi brother please don’t min my comment. But remember Joseph and the dream he interpreted. YHWH sent the warning to save lives. You mentioned the 7 years so I’m sure you are familiar with the story. There have been so many people with dreams and the warning is going out. It’s not a lack of faith to prepare. As our brother indicated preparing but not having faith in Yeshua is in vain. We can still prepare and win souls for the Kingdom. 🙂 Please forgive me if I offend you. Be blessed.

      • Mike /

        I am not offended. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just think it is fear mongering. Besides most of us can not afford to prepare. Thank you and bless you in Jesus name

        • Sharonne /

          Yes, Joseph prepared. This is not a lack of faith. Scripture says that wisdom is the principal thing.

          • And the most famous prepper of all time: NOAH

            Heb 11:7 By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.

            “moved with fear”

            Good thing Noah did not blow off God’s warning as fear mongering.

        • Lawbug829 /

          @Mike… you are so right! A lot of us cannot afford to prepare although our hearts and minds desire to do so.

          • Mike /

            Yeshua(Jesus) has put on my heart to pray for our enemies(non believers and pagans.) A sound mind an unwavering faith for his chosen. We will be tried soon to see if we are worthy. Something is coming. I am not worried. Keep studying and asking questions searching for answers. Bless you all an your family’s in Yeshuas name. My all our faith grow. Be bold in it. So let it be.

          • Sophie /

            Lawbug829 & Mike. Preparing can be spending an extra £20.00/ $20.00 do your regular shop, picking up extra couple tins of fruit, tinned meat, bag of rice, bag of pasta, things you actually eat. You don’t have to crazy & feel you have to spend 100’s at a time or even $50.00 at a time. You would be surprised how quickly the supplies add up. Also if anyone can afford to invest in mylar bags & oxygen absorbers, dried food like rice, pasta,peas (lentils) dehydrated soup etc last 10-15 years in the right conditions ( stored in coolest part of house). It’s handy even for job please sees etc. When this has happened I have dipped into stocks I stored since 2012 in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Tea, coffee, rice etc. If your in the USA ( I am in.yhe UK). Mylar bags & oxygen absorbers are very cheap. Remember tinned food lasts substantially past their expiry date once the tin hasn’t swollen. Just the other day had tinned kidney beans that expired in 2017. Perfectly fine, tasted great & no side effects.

        • We must rely upon Yahweh indeed, but don’t hesitate to ask your brothers and sisters if they can spare extra food. We are a spiritual community. We’re told to prepare so that we can be spared as much suffering as possible. Ask and you shall receive. Ask you local brothers and sisters to donate to your storehouse “even a can or two,” towards your little storehouse, see if you don’t get more than you asked for! 🙂

    • Lori /

      Praise the Lord Sisters and Brothers In Christ Jesus! And the word of God said that we are not to save and think about what we need for tomorrow. The 7 year tribulation is a time that IF you are saved and already acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Savior…. you will not be here during that time. Read Daniel and Revelation. It is there. And if you are trusting in all mighty God then you know that your hope and complete trust in Him is all the preparation you need. Go back to the scripture when God fed the Israel Children. He gave them instruction not to save the manna and those that did attempt to save it found it turned to worms. They disobeyed by trying to make sure their survival was by their own doing. God wants us to trust Him and show Him that we trust Him by now laying up things for tomorrow. I hope you quietly go in your prayer closet and ask Him to show you what to do. God bless You All

    • Didn’t Noah prepare? Didn’t Joseph prepare with Pharaoh when that 7 year famine came? Yes our heavenly Father knows our need, however, what use is faith without works? Yes people can store food for 7 years or more like rice and bean. You said we all may become homeless, but do you define homeless as not having a home? Think about it,,,,you can make shelter any where. Did Jesus not have a place live? Did that make Him homeless alone with his disciples when traveling to teach the word? We all have been conditioned

    • I agree. God bless you.


    Great recommendations. I also have a few tips to add as well. You can dry “can” things like rice, sugar, flour, pasta ect.. I found some videos on YouTube on how to do it. Also, invest in Mylar Bags, they come with oxygen packs and can preserve food for a very long time. God Speed everyone. Love and blessings

  7. Brittany Willis /

    Thank you bro! I remember watching this video..
    Bless you and your family

  8. C. Keller /

    I was introduced to Truth Unedited in Nov of 2019. Prior to that I was raised Catholic and studied a variety of religions. Since I’ve come across your channel I have read the Bible beginning with the gospel now in Exodus. Prior I had read parts and the book of Ruth. Since then My relationship with Elohim has flourished like I never believed it could. My husband and I were on the brink of divorce because I thought that life was about worldly treasures and didn’t know the difference between the spirit and flesh.. now I realize it’s only about pleasing Yashua our Adon. Thank you for being strong and sharing the things that he wants us to share with each other. I don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for Elohim. I am a better mom and feel more confident in teaching my daughters right from wrong without anger. Stay blessed and thank you for what you do!

    • Mike /

      That is awesome. Thank Yeshua. I love hearing stuff like this. Jesus has completely changed my life too.

      • Jenn /

        Is it unwise to be looking at another state to live in right now? We are exploring other areas where we may stand a better chance at riding through this wave. Now we are nowhere near any believers–just walking zombies. There is nobody to barter with here. No life at all. It’s desolate in the spiritual sense. Thanks for all you do!

    • Megs /

      Wow I could have written this. I too was raised Catholic but my family never practiced what they preached. Around December my husband and I were also on VERY rough terrain and I didn’t know how we would make it. We both quit drinking (I’ve been sober since January 1 2020 woohoo!!) and after I found TruthUnedited in early March I started reading my Bible. In my whole life I have never read as much as I have in these past 5 months. I’ve also read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and also the book of James) and have read Genesis through Joshua and am halfway through Judges. We got rid of out TV (still have one in the house for family movie night), no cable, no news. For the most part we only listen to Christian music (on an old school radio, no alexa for us lol) and I listen to Bott Radio which is preaching from different pastors all day. Life has changed for me since I have stopped living for this world. I try to be the best example I can possibly be for everyone I come in contact with, but especially my husband, kids, and my family who I pray would all come to love & worship our Savior Jesus Christ and turn from their ungodly ways. I am so thankful for Truthunedited that he was a huge part of my revival!

      • Mike /

        I am so joyful for you. Keep up the faith awesome news in such not so good times. Wonderful to here. Blessings in the name of Jesus

  9. C. Keller /

    Oh, I would also recommend seeds and learning how to save seed which is not too difficult.

  10. Helen /

    I do not care what happens if I die then obviously its my time to leave it has been foretold that these things must come to pass and God will always provide you with what you need like that bible story about the guy in the desert God provided him with food God will take care of me if I genuinely need something so I don’t need to prep the question you should be asking is where are the true prophets we are crying out for them.

  11. Dwayne Childs /

    Water lentils and rice

  12. What a bout a generator?

    • Kelly Fadel /

      A generator is a great idea. I’d also consider 1000 cigarette lighters. Not only would lighters be useful, but you could use then for barter and charity.
      I am also saving every plastic grocery bag. I’m sure the plumbing would stop working and we might have to resort to buckets. I apologize for being gross and I don’t mean to offend.

    • I don’t know I personally wouldn’t. You have to think of the mindset that people will be desperate depending on how bad it gets and I believe it will be real bad. If you are the only one on the block it would draw A LOT of attention mostly un needed attention. Even if you was in the country when cities are collapsing people will be running from them and a lit up spot would draw attention. That means you have gas for sure, power a running fridge probably a freezer with food. If you do it just keep this stuff in mind. Even people you are cool with if it comes down to you or them and their family…:( just be careful.

  13. Kelly Fadel /

    I feel urgency to be baptized. Can my son baptize me? Can I baptize my son? If not, what can I do?
    Also, I do bible study and I don’t attend church. Should I be serving myself sacrament? I apologize I am asking what could be dumb questions. I’m reading the bible for the first time and I’m only on the book of Job. It is kind of a slow process because I want to understand what I’m reading. I am currently reading kjv. Is there another anyone would recommend?

    Thank you to whoever sees this and can assist. God bless Mr. Charles for his thankless service to YHWY.

    Kelly Fadel

    • Kathleen Donohue /

      Try and find a non-denominational preacher to baptize you; or someone who is a solid bible-believing Christian. Make sure you are fully immersed as this is what the Bible teaches. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but know WHY you are being immersed-for the forgiveness of your sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. As for Lord’s Supper, you can buy unleavened crackers and some grape juice; and share this Supper with at least one other person. Finally, don’t delay, as it seems that God is urging you to move forward. I am so very pleased for you❤️ May God bless you and keep you safe.

      • Kelly Fadel /

        Thank you so much for your response. I will look up non-denominational churches in my area. I will also follow your directions on the sacrament as well.

        • Kathleen Donohue /

          Awesome! I will be praying for you. If “non-denomination” doesn’t work, I encourage you to look under Christian churches. Many times, churches will state on their website what their beliefs are, as far as immersion and other things. Some people say that immersion is an outward sign of an inward conviction. However, the Bible clearly teaches immersion. It is your own rebirth, just as Jesus was raised from the dead. Your old self becomes dead to sin, you are forgiven to walk in “newness of life”. I wish I knew my scriptures better. I know what they say, but it’s hard to remember where in the Bible they are said. But as you know, there are many biblical references in the New Testament. Please keep me informed as I truly am so happy for you❤️

          • Kelly Fadel /

            Thank you for your feedback, I feel like I need to clarify something. I was baptized when I was 8 years old as a Mormon. Should I get baptized again or does baptism count in a false church?

            Thank you for your help.

          • Kathleen Donohue /

            You need to be baptized into Christ as a consenting adult who knows what you are doing.

          • Yes a consenting adult.

      • Kelly Fadel /

        Again, I am sorry to ask and I appreciate your input. Should I be picky on the non-denominational church? I found one near by, but they observe the sabbath on Sundays. Does that matter if I don’t intend to go to that church? Again, I thank you for your time and I hope you’re blessed for helping me.

        Thank you again
        Kelly Fadel
        Salt Lake City Utah

        • Mike /

          Jesus is our sabbath(rest). Check out no greater joy ministries. There is a well explanation about the sabbath. An all the laws they had to follow. Those were carnal laws. We serve in spirit. That is why Jesus healed on the sabboth an his discipline picked wheat on it. Jesus is the master of the sabboth.

        • Mike /

          You and your son can baptize each other. Full immersion. (Dunking underwater.) It would be good to have a couple people be there for the event. Also know why you are being baptized. For the forgiveness of our sins. An also believe with your whole heart that Jesus died for our sins. He is the only acceptable sacrifice. He is risen from the dead. Then you can be baptized. Check out no greater joy ministries on you tube also. This guy is a thorough teacher and is easy to understand. Bless you and family in Yeshua(Jesus).

          • Kelly Fadel /

            Thank you Mike. I hope you’re blessed for helping me. I am alone in my journey otherwise.

          • Mike /

            My wife and I am 2. I am greatful to help. Let me know if you want any advice. I will do my best to help.

        • Kathleen Donohue /

          No, it doesn’t matter if you don’t intend to worship there. The point is for you to be immersed. As Mike said, you and your son could immerse each other, with a few people present as witnesses. Keep looking, if you want a preacher to do it. Otherwise, it’s most important that you understand what you are doing and why, and it seems clear that you do🥰

          • Kelly Fadel /

            Thank you Kathleen. I am kind of picky. The church I was raised on has questionable symbols on their temples so I’m wary.

          • Mike /

            Have an awesome movie. Time changer it is on tubi and vudu for free. Excellent movie about time we are living in. Check it out if you can.

    • Kathleen Donohue /

      I meant to say, share Lord’s Supper with another CHRISTIAN. Sorry about that.

  14. Question everything /

    I disagree with your statement saying sugar, rice and flour expires quickly unless you’re referring to eating then yes they expire quickly into the person’s stomach if not these items can last for years if stored correctly in airtight food grade containers

  15. T.Eugene Ricks Jr. /

    Thanks you again for preparation list. I greatly appreciate it. Continued prayers for you and your family!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Zenos Mahonrimoriancumer /

    Reciting these 72 verses have been a helpful prayer guide to me. I found this list online. God bless.

    The 72 sacred verses:

    Psalms 3:3, Psalms 22:19, Psalms 91:2, Psalms 6:4, Psalms 34:4, Psalms 9:11, Psalms 103:8, Psalms 95:6, Psalms 25:6, Psalms 33:22, Psalms 18:46, Psalms 110:1, Psalms 98:4, Psalms 9:9, Psalms 94:22, Psalms 88:1, Psalms 8:9, Psalms 35:24, Psalms 40:1, Psalms 120:1-2, Psalms 31:14, Psalms 121:5, Psalms 121:8, Psalms 33:18, Psalms 9:1, Psalms 119:145, Psalms 140:1, Psalms 71:12, Psalms 54:4, Psalms 71:5, Psalms 71:16, Psalms 33:4, Psalms 94:11, Psalms 131:3, Psalms 116:1, Psalms 26:8, Psalms 80:3, Psalms 91:9, Psalms 30:10, Psalms 88:14, Psalms 120:2, Psalms 121:7, Psalms 88:13, Psalms 119:108, Psalms 94:18, Psalms 145:9, Psalms 92:5, Psalms 98:2, Psalms 145:3, Psalms 145:8, Psalms 104:31, Psalms 7:17, Psalms 119:75, Psalms 103:19, Psalms 102:12, Psalms 145:14, Psalms 115:11, Psalms 6:3, Psalms 113:3, Psalms 145:17, Psalms 113:2, Psalms 119:159, Psalms 100:2, Psalms 33:18, Psalms 90:13, Psalms 38:21, Psalms 37:4, Psalms 106:1, Psalms 16:5, Genesis 1:1, Psalms 109:30 and Psalms 116:7.

  17. Jenn /

    Is it unwise to be looking at another state to live in right now? We are exploring other areas where we may stand a better chance at riding through this wave. Now we are nowhere near any believers–just walking zombies. There is nobody to barter with here. No life at all. It’s desolate in the spiritual sense. Thanks for all you do!

    • Kathleen Donohue /

      I live in Montana and we have a lot of people moving here from other states. We, too, have the same problems as the bigger cities; HOWEVER, we also have many law-abiding and faithful Christians, and places of worship ❤️

    • I believe in prepping and engage in it.

      But people…Christians need to understand that you cannot prep for what is coming. And if you are thinking the rapture will save you before you run out of preps you are wrong.

      The time will come when all of your supplies will run out.

      There will be no power.

      There will be no water.

      No sewer.

      No stores to get groceries.

      There will only people who you should avoid.

      It will be you and your faith. That is it.

      that is what you need to be mentally prepared for

      The time when you will be one step ahead of physical death and no hope for help in this world.


  18. Lashawn Young /

    Please forgive me my beloved brother Ron I had surgery a total knee replacement surgery and I’ve been dealing with that. I haven’t been able to check my email until now. But I’m so glad to hear from you ❤️😊 thank you and keep going. I believe a lot of people are waking up! Be blessed. Love your sister Shawn 💙

  19. Thank you so much Minister Ron for your warning and preparations. May Yah bless you and your family richly. My question is should we get out of debt while prepping for the collapse? Will we be able to keep our homes or will payments still need to be made? What about those who rent or live in apartments? I hope I can get clarity on this. Thank you.

    • Mike /

      We need to spiritualy prepare not physical ephisian 6:11 put on the whole armour of god.

      • Amen. Thank you Mike for your response. Along with spirtual preparation there must be a physical one. In Genesis ch 6 through chapter 9 Yah prepared Noah before the flood. Before He caused it to rain and
        Noah built an ark for his family and everything that they needed was in that ark. If we did not need to prepare physically there would be no need to have this website/channel. I’m trying to use wisdom with to prepare myself and my family. Yah bless you.

  20. There is a item called a “survival straw” or “life straw” for water. Another option may be a brita unit the pitcher kind you can keep in the fridge. I expect power to go out I was thinking though for people who drink bottled water why not buy a brita for now and store the bottled water that you would usually drink so say you usually buy 2 packs a week. Store those and buy 1-2 extra then grab a empty bottle and fill it with the brita water ice cold from your fridge. Hopefully you can use the brita to filter rainwater if(when) the power goes out. Need to research now. Just thought I’d throw this out here for people having a hard time storing water because they drink it.

  21. My husband and I with 3 young children are homeless in florida. We want to be prepared and believe we are part of the body of messiah and want to be prepared. We walk by faith first. Also would like to see what other members of the church do to help one another in mystery babylon. We are hard workers, trying to be light while also surviving in these hard times.

  22. anonymous /

    you left out prescription medicines.. health conditions mental and physical is a real thing.

  23. Amaryah /

    Thank you brother Ron Charles… To Anonymous: legal (prescription medications), or illegal drugs are *all* part of the beast system just like our electronics. Neither is of Christ Jesus/Elohim. We are not supposed to partake of them. We are to seek King Jesus/Elohim for all healing. We need to have faith that He has the power to fix everything… He didn’t leave out drugs… Read Revelations 21:8 KJV. Sorcery is the dealer(pharmacist) and consumer. Look up: pharmakeia. (KJV) Galatians 5:20; Revelation 9:21

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