Because edited truth is simply a lie


The religion of Islam will not get much emphasis on this site. It is believed that to due to the mainstream opinion of Islam as violent and radical there are not as many barriers of deception to cover. Islam is considered to be one of the 3 main religions of the world. The other two being Judaism & Christianity. They claim to worship the one true God. They do recognize that they do not worship the same God as Jews & Christians however.

The bondage that most people have from Islam is that there are others that make a claim of worshipping one God. Before Islam, it was only the Jews, then Christians that worship the same One True God. Because Islam does not fit in with the other pagan religions, it makes it easier for the person with little faith & understanding in the Word of God to have reasonable doubt. This reasonable doubt gives them power to deny there even is a God or that God is whoever we want him to be.

Like stated earlier, this reasonable doubt stems from lack of understanding & education of Islam. For the most part the people of today judge the religion by its traditions, and don’t know much else about the doctrine. While Islam’s doctrine won’t be discussed in this article, their god Allah, and the founder of their faith, the prophet Mohammed will be.


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Islam was created in the 7th century. 600 years after the death & resurrection of Christ. After the Christianity was adopted by Rome as the official religion. After the Holy Roman Church went out and conquered land in the name of God, blaspheming Christ. This was not a religion that paralleled Christianity. It came far after.

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