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Hip Hop

Have you ever really paid attention to what the doctrine of Hip Hop culture is. The black american community in particular has embraced Hip Hop as our most dominant culture. But what does Hip Hop actually teach?

Hip Hop Culture consists of:

1. Having a lot of male or female sexual partners
2. Doing anything for money
3. Praising those with money and rejecting those without it
4. Violence if you are disrespected
5. Promoting the use & solicitation of drugs
6. Having baby mothers; not wives. Having baby daddy’s; not husbands
7. Having an acceptance & tolerance of the devil
8. Having assets that are not really assets (i.e. Cars, rims, jewelry)
9. Living immorally without any accountability

Because a person lives their life through Hip Hop, these themes eventually are exhibited through their talk, actions, dress, and way of life. This is what a culture is. This culture is actually counter productive to our society.

This culture is a main scapegoat for racism and rightfully so. It allows people outside of Hip Hop Culture to place them in the stereotype of a thug or hoe. It’s a main driver of the stereotype of blacks being ignorant, uneducated, and superficial. It emphasizes any of the other negative stereotypes that the urban community deals with.

The Doctrine of Hip Hop Culture

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The Doctrine of Hip Hop Culture

Many people state that they follow Hip Hop Culture. But do they completely understand the doctrine of the culture? The following is a brief summary of the doctrine of Hip Hop to clarify for those that may not understand completely

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